About Us

1468337295939My name is James Han. I am a professional hairdresser currently residing and working (Sassy Hair Salon) in Baltimore.

I worked as a certified hairstylist for 25 years in South Korea. In that time, I was involved in numerous hair shows on Korean Television program including KBS, MBC, NHK, and SBS broadcasting stations. In addition, I have also professionally worked with several TV celebrities for international TV shows as a representative of South Korea. During the past 10 years, I moved to America and furthered my education at prestigious hair schools in New York.

Through exceptional experiences, I have realized that there is choice quality of making hairstyles. Some of the services that I offer are hair design, color, highlight, perms, and hair treatment, such as clinic. I also offer hair services for any special occasion such as wedding ceremonies. To make an appointment, please contact tel:443-980-7373.

In my spare time, I am also a chef. Once a month, I invite clients to my home, ‚ÄúVersailles”, for a special dinner that consists of 10 course French cuisine.

Looking forward to working with you in the near future!

Hello. My name is James Han and am a Hair Artist that has traveled all over Europe to get experience and study different techniques through the Due Hair Trend Class.

I have a tremendous amount of unique knowledge to offer.

I always put my heart and soul into all of my work.

My goal is to make sure that every one of my customers get exactly what they want and are satisfied.

If you get one haircut from me, your hair will maintain the pretty appearance naturally until the time of your next hair cut. Feel the luxury your hair should deserve first hand.

You might feel something you never have before in your life time. You can come meet me at the Sassy Beauty Salon.